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  • Extra rows are encouraged! They can really make your stitching pop. 2 - 3 rows is perfect.

  • Finishing currently starts at $40 with free shipping. Irregular shapes are $45-$55.

  • Turnaround time is about 8 weeks.

  • I currently do not offer embroidery on back fabric

  • Blocking is not necessary.

  • I use standard DMC Embroidery thread for cording. If you are interested in other particular thread for cording, additional rates will apply.

  • Loyalty cards are included in all finishing. Purchase 10 finishes and the 11th is free.

  • Single orders over $100 earn a free "Stitch Your Heart Out" sticker.

  • Letter & number beads are 50 cents/bead.

Please print out the PDF or fill out the online form below for each canvas you ship. Thank you!

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